Friday, February 01, 2008

Does My Hair Make Me Look Like a Mom or a Grandmom?

Well, I finally got brave and went brunette! I decided to go for it before I go back to work just in case it was a disaster and I'd have to re-do it. As it turns out, I love it so I'm keeping it! Good news is Gavin didn't think any differently of me, and Steve loves it too, so it's all good! Anyway, the following pictures were taken when we got a new hat for G as we planned to visit the kids in Hawthorne last weekend and new it would be cold/snowing. Too cute for words. As for the trip, it's been postponed until the next weekend or so... don't want to risk getting stuck in the snow with baby!

The other news is that Gavin is growing his first tooth! I'd take a picture of it, but seeing is how he licks anything that comes near his mouth it's not likely it would work. It's hard enough to even see it with our own eyes, let alone with a camera. oh well... soon enough it'll be a full tooth and worth a million more pictures I'm sure. How exciting and how sad at the same time. He's gonna be graduating from high school before we know it!!

Last but not least on the news front... Steve became a grandfather in 2008! Notice I did not say that I became a grandmother? That's because I'm NOT! As it turns out, 34 year old women don't yet qualify for such a title (as far as I'm concerned), so Steve's just gonna have to bare the grandparent title on his own for now! ... I say that all in fun. Truth is, I wasn't thrilled with the idea when we got the news last year that Mandi was expecting, but now that she's received her degree and still plans to do more schooling, and now that little Cayden has arrived, I'm (secretly, so SHHHH) excited. He's part of the reason we'll be headed to Hawthorne soon. Here are his pictures.

Awwwww..... Isn't he adorable?

Monday, December 31, 2007

Ending the Year in Style

Aunt Chelle was here for Christmas and as usual couldn't stand to pay any attention to anyone other than Gavin for more than a minute or two. A few days after Christmas, Aunt Steph and Uncle Brent and Tammy came by for a visit and again, Gavin was showered with attention the entire time.

Then, on Steve's birthday, we decided to take Gavin for his first ride in the bike trailor that Grandma and Grandpa Tarner gave us for Christmas. He absolutely loved the ride and was so adorable just sitting in that thing looking around.

Happy 38th, Daddy!

Ending the Year in Style

Gavin's First Christmas

The last month has been a great one, considering the loss of Grammy last month. We definitely had our share of bittersweet moments, but all in all, we had a wonderful Christmas with Gavin. One night early in the month we took him to see Santa at the museum in Bakersfield. He was a great sport despite the freezing temperatures outside and the fact that we had to squeeze his over sized baby head into a little tiny Santa hat for the occasion. Then, if that wasn't enough, a couple weeks later Mom and I brought him to the mall to take a picture with the Santa there (who was quite trailer trash looking if i do say so myself) and yet again I felt it necessary to play dress up with my little "doll" as so many people like to call him. The pictures of him in his reindeer getup were taken at brunch after that Santa photo session. Damn, he's sure a cute kid, isn't he?
The black and white picture was just some moment when I couldn't resist taking yet another shot. The had didn't last too long. It's probably the only one in existence that is too LARGE for his fat head!
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Especially to the family we missed being around, know that we love you and missed you immensely!

Friday, November 30, 2007

In Grammy's Memory

Although I have over a year's worth of stuff to catch up on, the most recent development is so fresh on my mind and in my heart, that I can't imagine starting with anything else.

Grammy passed away last Saturday night, and in her memory, I want to share some of my all time favorite pictures of her and her favorite Great-Grandson Gavin. Watching the two of them together was amazing. From the very beginning they had a truly indescribable connection that you'd have to see to believe. It was clear that they were equally fascinated with each other, and they loved each other so much.

We miss you, Grammy!

I started a BLOG!? WHAT? WHEN?!

Well, aren't I the brainiac? I thought I'd start a blog today... come to find out, I'd already started not one, but TWO of them last year! My oh my how the blond really sets in after 34 years! Well, this time I really hope to keep up on it, as it'll be so much easier to share updates on our family fun.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sammy Hagar

So, have you ever known Steve to be a "Lucky Winner?" (Noooo, not Steve! ... Yeah, right!) Well, not only did he win tickets to a three-day event in his home town of Fontana, CA where he got to hang out with Sammy Hagar and his band and attend their dress rehearsal and drink free Cabo Wabo Margaritas all day long, but he also was the one and only person out of all three of their concerts (15,000 people per night on average) whose name was drawn to be given a guitar and all sorts of other top of the line goodies for instrument playing! (I wouldn't be surprised if this tempts him to want to start his own "Channalman Band" next!) Anyway, here are some pictures of the Fontana trip. We'll have to send the one of Sammy making sure Steve got the shot of the back side of the bikini models' "chorus line" to Mr.Hagar himself. Maybe he'll like it for his website or something. Speaking of bikinis, what is it about Steve that no matter where he goes, women in bikinis seem to come out of the woodwork? Hmmmmm.... :) It's a damn good thing I know how much he loves me! Oh, and I joined Steve for the show here in town, and I must admit, I too am now a fan of Sammy's. What a great performer!

Hi all. My wonderful Father-In-Law suggested that we create a Blog to share all that goes on in our exciting lives since Steve is always keeping us involved in all sorts of craziness. I think it is a great idea, since even though his stories don't get old, I do get tired of telling them (and especially even hearing them) over and over again. This way, maybe we can cut back on the redundancies and still let everyone get the goods without any of the best details being left out!

Please bare with me as I learn how to Blog. I'm apparently showing my age as I only recently learned that there even was such a thing as a Blog! (Maybe one of the kids can teach me what the heck I'm doing when they come to visit in a couple of weeks! Stephen? Dara? Might you be able to help your ol' Step Mom out?)